Reservation etiquette

Sharing a table in a home restaurant takes you to the hosts’ home country, traditions, and a different dining adventure. To be more comfortable, relaxed and appreciate the exotic dining experience, consider these tips:

Reservation Etiquette
  • Make reservations in advance.
  • Show up 10 minutes early (not earlier, because your host might have other guests inside the house still).
  • If you are running late, inform the Trusted HomeCook™.
Reservation Policy
  • Each meal served is given a certain amount of time for the reservation.
  • We ask that guest navigate and arrive on time.
  • Others may have reserved & may be waiting, so please leave on time.
  • Guests reserve seat(s) in home restaurants, not the table itself, unless the whole dining table is specifically requested and reserved.
  • Rate HomeCooks to make our community stronger with candid & constructive feedback.
Dining etiquette
  • Before you go: Learn a couple of facts about your host’s culture; it's a good ice breaker.
  • Smoking: The HomeCook will clarify whether smoking is allowed in thier house or on their property.
  • Shoes in the House: Your host will inform you whether guests should take off their shoes.
  • Weapons: check with HomeCooks.
  • Dress Code: Wear when dining in; please check with your Trusted HomeCook™ to see if there is a dress code required.
  • Pets: Trusted HomeCooks™ may allow pets on their property; please make your pet behaves appropriately.
  • Please help HomeCooks™ & their neighbors keep good relations; follow the same principles as you'd for your own neighborhood.
  • Bring Your Own Alcohol (BYOA): If Trusted HomeCooks™ accept guests bringing their own alcoholic beverages, please drink responsibly.
  • Conversation: A great conversation starter is a “hello” and introducing yourself. Discuss positive & constructive topics and keep it mpersonal.
  • Gratuity: Homevyte recommends tipping 15-20% on food for good service; normally IRS assumes 12% tip for service.
  • It is the guests’ responsibility to avoid allergens.
  • Please communitcate and confirm dietary restrictions from any food allergies with Trusted HomeCooks™.
Guest rating system
Homevyte strives and works to provide you exceptional food and customer service, leading to a memorable dining experience. Homevyte has a two-way rating system stream. At the end of each meal, you, the guest is given the opportunity to rate your experience, and at the same time, the HomeCook also gets a chance to rate their guests. Homevyte regularly monitors the two streams of feedback and takes appropriate steps to maintain excellence.

With real-time feedback, Homevyte is able to reward great customers and HomeCooks and takes proper disciplinary action when necessary to ensure that superior HomeCooks keep serving our pleasant and joyous guests. We may give free or discounted meals to engaging and pleasant customers. Conversely, we may deactivate a customer’s account for continuous low star-rating or even take legal action for a more serious offense, depending on the circumstance. Customers’ positive feedback also ascertains that we recognize and reward first-class HomeCooks with the variety of perks Homevyte offers. At the same time, a continuous low star-rating or a serious a negative experience by our partner HomeCook may lead Homevyte to deactivate a HomeCook’s account or take legal action as well. This system is designed to keep and reward great customers and professional home cooks.

Homevyte expects our guests to provide feedback that is honest, frank, constructive, and respectful in order to make our community stronger. We greatly appreciate your participation in helping us give renowned service, vet and keep worthy exceptional HomeCooks. Guests see HomeCook’s profile picture, venue name, business permit number, star-rating, and approximate location. HomeCooks are rated by the customers by a 1-7 star rating system:

Remarkable, out of this world

Extraordinary, worthy of fireworks

Excellent, loved everything

Very good, my hat's off to you

Fair, you can still recover

Poor, that was cold
  • Presentation
  • Temperature
  • Taste
Home atmosphere-environment
  • Clean scent
  • Welcoming-warm-ambient
  • Accommodating-unobstrusive
  • orgnized-orderly
Customer service
  • Welcoming
  • Courteousness
  • Friendly
HomeCook rating system
Homevyte’s policy is to maintain high standards and to ensure that kind and courteous customers treat HomeCooks with respect and dignity. Guests must not be violent, threatening, aggressive, or disrespectful towards HomeCooks. To ensure that guests treat HomeCooks with honor and dignity, they will be rated by home cooks on a five-star rating system on the following scale:


Above average


Below average

Arrival promptness
  • Did guests arrive on time to the HomeCooks residence?
Departure promptness
  • Did guests leave the HomeCook’s residence on time?
Courteous & friendliness
  • Did guest treat the HomeCook with respect and dignity?
Dress code
  • Did guest observe HomeCook’s dress code guidelines?
Conversation guidelines
  • Did guest abide by Homevyte’s conversation guidelines?

Please understand that Homevyte does not connect a particular rating to a specific dining experience in order to keep rating system anonymous. So, if you receive a review, good or bad, the review provider is unknown and unidentified. Please understand that most of Homevyte’s partner HomeCooks operate their business as their sole source of income and they rely on your honest feedback for future business and success. We ask you to give reviews based on your true experience, honestly and ethically. The system is designed to make sure the most respectful guests and HomeCooks use Homevyte’s platform to share in the love of food and community. Homevyte wants guests to have a great dining experience, every time, and this one of the many ways we monitor the quality of the experience.

Cancellation Policy
    Home cooking needs a lot of preparation. HomeCooks have to know exactly how many people will be dining at their tables, so that they can prepare correct number of courses at the start of the day. They will have to go their local farmers market, search, and purchase all of the ingredients necessary for the day’s recipe. Some of the dishes that some HomeCooks prepare require up three days to prepare, marinate, and cook. For example, the Mexican dish, red meat barbacoa, requires the HomeCook prepare the meat, put into a ground pit for slow cooking up to a whole day before it is served. The Kurdish Pacha or Saropay, requires the HomeCook to find rare animal parts, clean, marinate and cook them for nearly two days before it is ready to be served.

    Cancellation policy

    Generally, Homevyte requires at least 24 hours advance cancellation notice, however each HomeCook will have her own cancellation timeframe attached to each dish she prepares. This means that whatever timetable the HomeCook requires for cancellations, overrides Homevyte’s general cancellation policy. HomeCooks do charge a cancellation fee.

  • Even if guests cancel within the cancellation policy timetable, HomeCooks reserve the right to charge a 30% fee for loss of revenue as a result of turning away other potential bookings for that period.
  • However, if guests do cancel after 25% of the time of the cancellation timeframe has passed, the guests will be charged up 25% of the price of the meal for each guest within the reservation party, rounded up. For example, if a guest has reserved seats for 10 people and each dish costs $10 and the guest cancels from 1% to 25% into the cancellation period, then the guest will be charged 25% of $100 of the reservation cost, which equals to $25, rounded up.
  • If the guest cancels the reservation between 25.01% to 50% of time into the cancellation timeframe, then the guest will be charge 50% of the reservation cost, or $50, rounded up, in the above example.
  • If the guest cancels the reservation between 50.01% to 75% of time into the cancellation timeframe, then the guest will be charge 75% of the reservation cost, or $75, rounded up in the above example.
  • If the guest cancels the reservation or does not show up after 75.01 of time into the cancellation timeframe, then the guest will be charge 100% of the reservation cost, or $100, rounded up, in the above example.
  • If a certain number of guests cancel, then that certain number of will be charged according to numbers 1-6 in the above mentioned examples. For example, if reservation is made for 10 people and 8 people show up, then the to cancelling guests will be charged to the person who originally made the reservation.
  • Homevyte will notify guest if any cancellation fee is applied.
Cancellation tips
HomeCooks take their business very seriously because for most, their livelihood depends on it. They prepare much in advance in order to provide their guests an unforgettable dining experience.

  • Don’t make a habit of canceling reservations with HomeCooks. Homevyte keeps a database that keeps us apprised of people who are chronic cancelers.
  • Please provide adequate notice of cancellations. HomeCooks’ continued success and viability relies on reservations being honored by guests. Even if you do cancel within the cancellation, it is likely that the HomeCook lose business because he may not get another reservation booked within a short period of time.

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