Become a Trusted HomeCook

A partnership with Homevyte as a Trusted HomeCook™ is a recipe for a successful business operation. We reward you with a sign-up bonus when you become approved. Homevyte helps you obtain operating permits & trains you so that you can provide quality customer service to your guests. We put your Virtual Restaurant™ in front of millions of potential customers. Most importantly you’ll become part of a company that shares its success with its partners. Begin selling tasty authentic food from the comfort of your and reap the many benefits.

The Homevyte Advantage

Sign-up Bonus

Receive $900 from Homevyte when you become a Trusted HomeCook™ (Per Terms & Conditions).


Earn up to $50,000 yearly from the comfort of your home and achieve financial freedom.


Be a part of the first selected Trusted HomeCooks to receive 6,500 shares of equity in Homevyte that can potentially become extremely valuable in the near future (Per Terms & Conditions).

Share Food & Culture

Share your dining table and culture with your community, meet interesting people and make new friends.

Homevyte’s Promise is to help you
  • Get legal operating permits from County Government to become a legitimate and Trusted HomeCook™
  • Obtain a Food Protection Manager Certification from an accredited agency
  • Receive a Food Handler’s Certification from an accredited agency
  • Apply for an alcohol permit (optional)
  • Find food liability insurance to protect you and your property
  • Stay current and up-to-date with all County and State guidelines
  • Ensure quality service training and support

Promote your Virtual Restaurant™ to millions of potential customers.

Trusted customers

Connect you with verified customers

Secure payments

Provide you a reliable payment system for sales and tip payment from your guests

Save you money

Provide you with the opportunity to open your restaurant without spending thousands of dollars.

As you reap substantial monetary benefits, you will also earn valuable equity in a potentially future multi-billion dollar company which can turn your shares into millions of dollars! You will have Homevyte’s expertise  on your side a long the whole way as you share your culinary heritage & culture with your community. It’s as easy as 1,2,3.   

Become a Trusted HomeCook™

Share the joy of delicious food and make new friends. Dust off your cooking skills and turn your home into a Virtual Restaurant. Share your dining table and earn $4,000+ monthly by cooking and selling fresh tasty food from the comfort of your home.

1. Build Your Virtual Restaurant 

2. Homevyte will bring the customers

3. Get Paid

Download the Trusted HomeCook app today to begin earning money!

HomeCook FAQ

What are some general requirements?
  • You must be a resident of the dwelling (home, apartment, etc.) you operate in.
  • Food you cook must be served to consumers from the same residence on the same day
  • Food must consumed onsite at the Trusted HomeCook’s residence, delivered or picked up
  • Homevyte Requirements
  1. Download Homevyte HomeCook app
  2. Register an Account
  3. Complete Background Check
  4. Complete Account
  5. Build your Virtual Restaurant post your menu and schedule
  6. Complete Trusted HomeCook Training™ Online Course
  • Government Requirements
  1. Certified Food Safety Manager Card (Easy-Commitment)
  2. Food Handler Card for others working with you (Easy-Commitment)
  3. Government Issued Permit (Last step-We’ll help you the whole process!)
How much money can HomeCooks make?
  • California law stipulates that Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operations may earn up to $50,000 (Fifty-thousand USD) annually. This number is adjusted annually for inflation based on the California Consumer Price Index.
  • HomeCooks can serve up to 30 meals daily, but meals cannot exceed 60 (sixty) per week.
How often do HomeCooks get paid?
  • INSTANTLY, after each completed transaction
  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Monthly
How much does Homevyte charge the Trusted HomeCook? Homevyte’s Promise
  • Getting Legal Permits  & become legitimate & Trusted HomeCook Assistance on:
  1. County and State Requirements
  2. Food Protection Manager Certification
  3. Food Handler’s Certification (for employee)
  4. Alcohol Permits (Optional)
  5. Food liability insurance
  6. Quality service training and support
  • Market and promote your Virtual Restaurant to millions of potential customers
  • Easily connect you with verified customers
  • Provided a reliable payment system for sales and tip payments from your guests
  • Sign-up Bonus: Receive $900 as a gift from Homevyte for becoming an approved Trusted HomeCook (terms & conditions apply).
  • Equity: Be part of the first selected HomeCooks to receive equity in Homevyte that can potentially become extremely valuable in the near future (terms and & conditions apply).
  • To provide Homevyte Promise, we will charge 16.92% per transaction. You may get this back in tips when providing great customer service.
Does Homevyte charge diners for using the apps?
  • No, the platform is free of charge for diners and guests.
What items are prohibited to sell?
Can HomeCooks use an open-air barbecue or an outdoor wood-burning oven?
  • Yes, within the following parameters:
  • It is on the same premises that is officially permitted
  • It is operated by the permitted HomeCook
  • It is not in an area that is hazardous and dangerous for starting a fire
  • It is not accessible by the public for health and safety purposes
  • It is not operated in, or out of, any motor vehicle
  • It is a permanent structure
  • It is equipped with an impenetrable and easily cleanable floor surface that extends a minimum of five feet from the open-air barbecue or outdoor wood-burning oven facility on all open sides; for example, a solid concrete slab.
  • It is within 200 feet of the distance of an available toilet and hand-washing facility
Can HomeCooks use homegrown fruits and vegetables?
  • Yes, but all fruits & vegetables must be thoroughly washed prior to use.
Can HomeCooks and their employees eat or drink while cooking?
  • Yes, however, we encourage that you keep to a minimum, especially in the presence of guests.
Can diners come into the kitchen to watch the HomeCook prepare/cook food?
  • Yes, however, we encourage that consumer access to the food facility through food preparation areas be limited due to safety concern. We caution and ask that children be kept away from the food preparation area. 
Can HomeCooks deliver food?
  • Yes, the HomeCook, their employee, a family member or household member may make deliveries to customers.
  • If the person delivering food drives a motor vehicle, the person shall have a valid driver’s license.
  • The HomeCook shall keep on file a copy of the valid driver’s license of a person delivering food on behalf of the operation.
Can HomeCooks have a catering service?
  • No, catering operations are not permitted.
Can HomeCooks sell or give away food at community events?
  • No, this may still be considered catering and it is not allowed.
  • HomeCooks can only sell food directly to the public from the residential home, delivered or carried out in proper containers.
Can HomeCooks sell to other businesses?
  • No, the operation only sells food directly to consumers and not to any retailer.
Can Trusted HomeCooks donate any leftover food?
  • Yes, HomeCooks should donate food to a food bank or to any other nonprofit charitable organization as long as the food has been handled in compliance with food safety requirements.
  • We encourage and expect Trusted HomeCooks to donate specifically made, whole meals to the homeless and other underprivileged individuals when they can.
Can HomeCooks have multiple venues to serve from?
  • No, Trusted HomeCook’s operations must be conducted within the primary residence, your private home-a dwelling, including an apartment or other leased space, where you reside.
  • Second homes, vacation homes, or motor homes DO NOT qualify as a Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operation, which means Trusted HomeCook cannot use them as an operations venue.
  • You should check your rent/lease agreement to see if there are any restrictions to operating a home-based business out of the residence.
Can HomeCooks have employees?
  • The HomeCook can have only one full-time employee, not including One family member or household member.
Can HomeCooks give their permit to another person?
  • No, a permit, once issued, is nontransferable to any other person. A permit is valid only for the person and location specified by that permit.
  • You can suspend or revoke your current permit and re-apply for another in the name of the desired person and venue.
Can the HomeCook’s permit be taken away?
  • Yes, if Homevyte or the local enforcement agency is notified of significant food safety related complaints from verified consumers that have made a purchase from the HomeCook three times or more within one year, then Homevyte may not host the HomeCook on its platform and the local authorities may revoke the HomeCook’s permit.
  • You must maintain good  star-rating in order to remain on the Homevyte’s  platform.
  • HomeCooks are rated by diners on a 7-Star rating system on food, home atmosphere, and customer service categories.
Can HomeCooks put up business signs?
  • No, please abstain from posting signage or other outdoor displays of advertising Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operation. Homevyte will market and advertise for you on its platform.
How often will Trusted HomeCooks’ residence be inspected?
  • Trusted HomeCooks’ place of operations will inspected at least once a year by the county enforcement agency.
  • The county’s enforcement agency will conduct its first inspection before a permit is issued.
  • Additional inspections may be conducted in response to complaints.
  • Homevyte inspects per its discretion to maintain high standards.
What areas of the Trusted HomeCooks’ residence will be permitted and inspected?
  • Onsite customer eating area
  • Food storage areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Janitorial / cleaning supplies area
  • Trash storage areas
  • Utensils and equipment used by Trusted HomeCooks for their operations
  • Sink, dishwasher and any other equipment listed to be used for operations

So what are you waiting for? Become part of our family and begin to reap all the benefits awaiting you!

Trusted HomeCook™

1. Build Your Virtual Restaurant 

2. Homevyte will bring the customers

3. Get Paid

Download the Trusted HomeCook app today to begin earning money!

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