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Homevyte is a food technology and marketing company and its mission is fostering cultural exchange by creating a streamlined platform for food and table sharing. We envision people bringing people together over delicious food.

Our app platform connects locals and tourists to ordinary people who love to cook & share authentic, homemade food and the ultimate cultural dining experience.  Here, Trusted HomeCooks™ find an entrepreneurial space to promote their culinary skills by offering their guests home-cooked local and ethnic cuisines at the comfort of their homes.

Today, Homevyte is proclaiming its concept of Table-Sharing™ and Virtual Restaurants™-the answer to an ever-growing problem. Americans don’t have access to home-cooked meals. Due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, lack of time, or simply lack of skill, people just don’t cook at home anymore.

More importantly, Homevyte is announcing the company’s official launch in California and is declaring its innovative solution to create access to authentic home-cooking through table-sharing.

The concept of table-sharing is enshrined in the two apps we have created which operate on a single platform and here’s how they work:   

The first app, called Homevyte, is for guests. Here, customers can find local home cooks and reserve a seat at their dining table, in their home, to enjoy an authentic homemade meal. Carryout and pickup are also available.   

The second app is for home cooks and its called Homevyte Trusted HomeCook. On this app, ordinary people with cultural and generational cooking knowledge, build and post their menus and venues.

The result is that people meet and connect with other people at the dining table, in a cosy home-setting, enabling in-person interactions. As people gather around the dining table, the Trusted HomeCook™ takes them on a cultural tour of her origins and lets them experience a taste of her culinary heritage and her life. As they feast on delicious food, they’ll mingle and connect with one another. Unlike virtual platforms, Homevyte is a genuine social networking app and a means for ordinary people to earn a great income from home.

Home cooks instantly become Virtual Restaurant™ owners from the comfort of their homes by turning their homes, dining tables, and culinary skills into revenue-generating assets. 

Additionally, guests get a genuine dining experience, rather than watered-down versions offered by most restaurants. In a family’s home, people eat food for the soul, the kind one just cannot find in restaurants.

Homevyte is convenient: Your next-door neighbour may be a top-rated Homevyte Trusted HomeCook™ and all you have to do is reserve a seat and walk to their home. Guests can have a peace of mind that comes with knowing Trusted HomeCooks™ are hand-selected, fully vetted, and trained by Homevyte and government accredited and licensed third-party affiliates. All Homevyte’s Trusted HomeCooks™ are regularly inspected and have operating permits issued by the government.

Homevyte trains Trusted HomeCook’s in proper food handling, customer service, markets and promotes their menus & Virtual Restaurants, connecting them with customers, all for a small a platform fee of 16.92% after each transaction. The payment processing service is conducted by a third-party institution for a fee of 2.99% per each transaction, bringing total fees to 19.91%.

The use of our platform is free to guests-the diners. However, like sit-in restaurants, patrons are encouraged to be generous and tip their hosts if they have an exceptional experience. It’s certainly something to be gracious for because the opportunity to have access to authentic home cooking is nearly non-existent outside of California.   

Until very recently, it had been illegal to cook food in a regular home kitchen and then sell it. Being a trailblazer and at the forefronts of innovation, California enacted a law allowing people to cook meals from their home kitchens and sell it on January 1, 2019. Thanks to this great opportunity, Homevyte’s founding team decided to launch in California.

The company has a diverse composition of co-founders. The original founders, Ms. Medya Ariyan, a chemical engineer and pharmacy student by profession and Azad Tayar, who owns and manages a construction company, found inspiration for the idea from their Kurdish heritage in late 2017. Several months later, Ibrahim Ariyan, Medy’s husband, and his business partner Ferhad Suleiman, also co-founders and life-long entrepreneurs, were brought on-board and charged with leading the execution. Since then, the co-founders have built a diverse core team of techs and designers to create the apps that drive the business. Homevyte’s founding tech and design team includes Zana M. Saleem as the chief technologist, Ms. Zheen K. Ali and Ms. Shelan M.T. Tayeb as technology managers, Alan J. Omar Ayoubi and Maher Sinjari as graphic designers Bewar Mosa and Goran Zaneti as business and marketing specialists.

Bringing people together at the dining table over delicious, American and ethnic food will bridge gaps and connect communities! 

There’s a cultural and economic paradigm shift in the US in that it’s becoming a more shared economy. It’s now normal to share office spaces, ride in a stranger’s car, and sleep at a stranger’s home with companies like WeWork, Uber and Airbnb, respectively. Soon, with Homevyte, it will be a delight to get invited into and eat in a stranger’s home.

Homevyte- Global cuisines served locally!



Homevyte is revolutionizing how people meet over authentic homemade food-connecting you with Trusted HomeCooks through our table-sharing app. Enjoy fresh world cuisines locally. Dine-in and share a table in the cook’s residence.

1. Select a cuisine

2. Reserve

3. Dine-in, Pick-up or delivery

Download the Homevyte and enjoy authentic homemade food now!

Trusted HomeCook™

Share the joy of delicious food and make new friends. Dust off your cooking skills and turn your home into a Virtual Restaurant. Share your dining table and earn $4,000+ monthly by cooking and selling fresh tasty food from the comfort of your home.

1. Build Your Virtual Restaurant 

2. Homevyte will bring the customers

3. Get Paid

Download the Trusted HomeCook app today to begin earning money!

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