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Homevyte’s ultimate goal is to give guests the in-home dining experience prepared locally by well-rounded and passionate HomeCooks from around the world. Very importantly, Homevyte gives professional HomeCooks the opportunity to earn equity in the company and make a decent income from selling delicious food in their home restaurants.

Homevyte monitors HomeCooks and guests that visit them. We know which HomeCook has reservations and who the customer is that is visiting HomeCooks’ home restaurant.

Government oversight

Operating permit
All HomeCooks go through full government permitting processes like home and kitchen inspections, then they are issued a permit number by pertinent California governing agencies.
Certified training
All HomeCooks go through a professional food handlers program to receive their professional certification before they can receive an operating permit.

Homevyte's oversight

Homevyte thoroughly vets potential HomeCooks and only considers, selects, and accepts serious and professional partners.
Professional training
Homevyte provides HomeCooks in-house food handling, safety, and customer service training before they become partners.
Geolocation monitoring
Whenever the guests get to the HomeCook’s residence, they press the “arrive” button on the Homevyte app and this confirms their arrival, informing the HomeCook and being registered with Homevyte.
Geolocation confirmation
When the guests arrive at the HomeCook’s residence and they press the arrival button, then the HomeCook presses the “confirm guest arrival” button to confirm the guests’ arrival. This puts both the guest (s) and the HomeCook in each other’s presence.
Guest ID confirmation
The first time the guest arrives to his reservation, the HomeCook confirms the guest’s identification by comparing their ID to the credit card the food was purchased with. Guests whose identification has been confirmed, receive a Homevyte’s Gold Star.

Compliments, concerns & complaints

If guests would like to tell us how wonderful the food and service of a Homevyte’s partnering HomeCooks is, then just call us at 1-619-781-7994 / 619-771-5537 or send us an email at Customers@homevyte.com with the HomeCook’s name and permit number, and we will be sure to recognize and reward her.

Conversely, if guests have a bad experience with any part of their dining experience, Homevyte would greatly appreciate their feedback and will appropriately resolve the complaint. Please provide the HomeCook’s name and permit number when you call us with your concerns.

If there is a serious food safety and health concern, we proactively encourage guests to immediately report it to Homevyte by calling the customer service complaint hotline at 1-619-781-7994 / 619-771-5537 or by sending an email to SeriousComplaints@homevyte.com.

Guests may also report serious food safety issues to the relevant county Department of Environmental Health (DEH), or health department.

Homevyte Resolution Center

Homevyte Resolution Center (HRC) is the platform for communication between Homevyte, its parters of Trusted HomeCooks and guests/diners. The HRC allows Trusted HomeCooks and their Guests to communicate and make an effort to resolve any outstanding issues. The HRC allows both parties to request or send money for items related to the dining experience. To open a refund or payment request to send or receive money for damages and/or refunds, go to https://homevyte.com/HRC

Homevyte Oversight

Homevyte may step in to provide assistance if the parties are unable to reach an agreement. Both parties can ask Homevyte to make the final decision within 48 hours after the request is opened. To ask for help:

  • Wait 48 hours after you open the request
  • Open https://homevyte.com/HRC
  • Find and select your reservation
  • Submit to Homevyte
When you ask for assistance to resolve a dispute, our team will be notified and a dedicated team member will be assigned to your case. They’ll gather and review the information provided by both parties and then make a decision. Both parties need to have payment information to receive an electronic transfer.

What is the course of action if a diner causes damage to my property?
You may report a claim within 48 hours of the parties reservation finale date and time.

To make a claim:
  • Open https://homevyte.com/HRC
  • Find and select your reservation
  • Select reason for claim
  • Submit accurate details
  • Submit to Homevyte
  • Upon claim resolution, funds will be paid out within 10 business days.
We will make every effort to resolve claims in a timely manner. We will strive to represent both party’s interests fairly,

If you would like to contact us for any other business, please email the respective departments:

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